PadovaCongressi is the brand of Antoniana Viaggi’s Events Division. Antoniana Viaggi is a DMC and incoming operator and owner of the famous brand “I Battelli del Brenta”.
PadovaCongressi directly organizes and provides professional logistic support to conference planners and event managers through a multilingual web-based platform enabling the complete online handling of registrations, hotel bookings, social events, additional services, badge printing and much more. It also gives access to statistical reports which permit to monitor operational and administrative aspects in real-time.

PadovaCongressi offers a straightforward and simple way to manage events: the extremely flexible online platform can be customized according to the event, meeting or conference features.
At the same time, the user-friendly nature of its structure eases the customization of the info page and the configuration of the online registration and hotel booking forms.
Moreover, the operational and administrative reports, which are provided to the client, are detailed and intuitive.

PadovaCongressi’s twenty-year experience in DMC and event planning services supply, is a guarantee of our reliability, our expertise in identifying the most suitable venues and in logistic coordination.
PadovaCongressi is the ideal partner for event planners. We identify the most suitable venues according to clients’ needs. We develop the best possible quote for the services required and we cooperate with the secretarial and logistic services of the event (conference, sport or associative events, etc.).